Looking for Love Online

“Every year there are tens of thousands of marriages that occur as a result of people meeting from an online dating service. Online dating is a competitive industry and in order to improve your results, it’s vital to enhance your presence,” says Joe Tracy, publisher of Online Dating Magazine.

Online dating can be exciting, nerve-wracking and addictive, and it has become increasingly popular among the millennial generation. According to a new survey by psychologists at the University of Rochester in the US, online dating is the second most common way of starting a relationship – after meeting through friends.

“Today, if you own a smart phone, you’re carrying a 24-7 singles bar in your pocket. As of this writing, 38% of Americans who describe themselves as “single and looking” have used an online-¬dating site,” says Aziz Ansari, a famous actor and comedian.

Though, many cannot help but wonder if online dating is diminishing the fairytale of meeting your prince or princess, when the stars align, on that perfect evening you have awaited since childhood.
The current generation seems to seek out all things at the touch of a button. Thank goodness for the internet! Dating websites have surfaced in plenty forms so that one can find a potential partner with just a couple swipes right and possibly a match. General online dating websites, relationship services, social network services, niche dating services and merging online dating services are five routes one can take in seeking out their future life partner through the internet.

General online dating services, like Bumble, allow people to view others’ profiles and spark conversation with those they have matched with. Relationship services, like eHarmony, offer ways for people to match according to compatibility tests. Social network services, like Face book, allow people to make free and public profiles where they can build a friend base and potentially become interested in one of them. Niche dating services, like Equestrian Cupid, help people match and date according to similar interests. Lastly, merging online dating services, the least popular of the five, combines an online profile and a physical card that one can hand out in-person to those they are interested in – with hopes they will dig deeper and check out their profile listed on the card.

With all of these options available at instant request, online dating has made finding a partner more easy and accessible than ever. Even more interesting, those signed up on these websites range from teens to adults over 50 years old!

Gabrielle Calamari, an eighteen year old, admits she first signed up for Tinder at age sixteen. “My parents were strict and didn’t allow me to go to parties which is where a lot of my friends met their boyfriends, so decided that I would sneak behind my parents’ backs and find a cute boy online to talk to,” says Calamari. This was a quick and easy fix to her loneliness at an age where boys were starting to appeal to her.

Yes, dating online can be simple, but weren’t we always taught not to talk to strangers, much less go on your first date ever with one? This is where using the internet to find intimate relationships with people can get tricky. We simply do not know who is really behind the other computer. “I am recently divorced and am interested in finding another soul mate but something about dating websites freaks me out – who am I really talking to, sharing deep parts of myself with and eventually going to meet,” says Keith Venezia, a 47 year old male.

Venezia claims many of his friends feel the same way and are hoping to meet their true love by chance, as many of their parents have. That being said, all of them admitted to having a profile on at least one dating website.

It is apparent that everyone wants to be loved and to love. Though, it is easy to give up hope as the years progress and no prince or princess has come along. While older generations hold dear to the traditional ways of meeting their life partner and younger generations are quick to seek out their partner online – both have solid reasons for attempting using the internet, a far less traditional style of dating, in order to relieve their loneliness.

“If my soul mate walks up to me tomorrow at work, I would be ecstatic and grateful, but if I happen to find my soul mate online, which doesn’t seem as intimate and “meant,” I would still feel thankful to finally have found someone to love for the rest of my life,” says 26 year old Carrie Nauck.

Online dating may take away from the traditions we are all taught at a young age from our favorite Disney films and by hearing our parents’ love stories, but it can still be a very successful, approachable and legit way of finding a lifelong partner.

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