London’s Underground not Jumping as Expected

London, UK- The underground tube station has not been as crowded as London and Olympic officials thought it would be. With the games’ theme of staying green, city officials made public transportation- such as buses and the underground- as the main source of getting around for commuters.

In anticipation for large crowds coming into London for the Olympics, extra staff was hired out for the underground stations. However, it has been found that other than for one or two events the staff proved unnecessary.

Station staff member Jacqueline Decker said, “Right now the crowds we have been getting are what we normally have on average even at peak time. With the Olympics it has only been a very slight increase in people.”

Due to the government’s warnings of enormous crowds and the possible overflowing of the tubes it was surprising to see what the actual amount came out to be.

“It was a bit disappointing really, because we were expecting a huge influx of people for the games”, said Decker.

Another station staff member William Cook said, “I believe the reason why the turnout may be smaller than what was expected to be is because there are fewer of the regular summer tourists that we normally get. They’re kind of staying away because of the Olympics and the crowds.”

Peak times in the morning and evening are the times when the crowds are seen. Yet throughout the day and even at night it is not uncommon to see empty seats or empty cars on some tube lines.The lack of people have caused some businesses to close.

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