Local Mother becomes Salon Owner Unexpectedly

[HAMMOND, La] – 28 year old, Jessica Nobles, born and raised in Hammond, La is following her dreams in the salon business and making them realities.
Nobles said, “I became a hairstylist because I love making people feel pretty and making them happy.”
However, life moved faster than expected for Nobles and her family.
“Well it happened about two years sooner than what we expected. I was actually working at Bellagio in the mall when one of the girls messaged me a screenshot of this business for sale; because we were actually going to wait until Nathan, my youngest child, got out of daycare to where it freed up some of our funds to where we could actually move forward with my business. But the business came up for sale and we just kind of fiddled with it, and it went through for us a lot sooner than what we thought,” Nobles said.
The process had some difficulties Nobles said but the past owner was a big help in Nobles taking her next steps.
“She worked with us so much to try to give it to us,” Nobles said. She felt the last owner not being from here, is that she didn’t quite know how to advertise correctly in downtown and know how to get the salon’s name out there.
Nobles and her husband, MJ Nobles, are a team in the project that the salon has become, and first MJ was the one telling Nobles this was her shot in the salon business.
Nobles said, “I was nervous about the whole thing, and thought that he was joking with it all, but he was the one pushing for it saying ‘Let’s go, let’s do this’ and I was the one getting down about the whole situation. With stuff like, ‘Oh it’s just not meant to be, or whatever,” and he would be like ‘no we are going to make this happen for you.’”
MJ has not only helped her push herself, but he is always there to lend her a hand in whatever comes up.
He said, “I try to lighten the load in anyways possible. From simple things like moving stuff for her, painting for her or getting the meeting together and running them. Just whatever she needs help with I am there for.”
Nobles additionally said, “He has done tremendous stiff with the advertising; he’s my bulldog, of sorts, like if no one around here is listening to me. He holds meetings for me, and is there for me to talk to him if I’m stressed out about anything as far as clients go.”
The journey Nobles is on with this business, MJ feels has always been where she was heading.
“When we met in 2009 she was still new to the industry, but she always talked about her future in it. I knew that she would accomplish her goal one day because she is such a hard worker and she loves what she does,” MJ said.
With every new business comes stress, and Nobles is not unaffected by the struggles she’s had to face. Besides her husband helping her throughout, she credits her mother, Lynda Locicero, to helping her alleviate stress when it is needed.
Nobles said, “My mom helps by picking Aveya up every day from school, and watches both kids for me on Tuesdays. Also, on Hot August Night my mom was in the salon serving beer and wine; while chit-chatting everyone’s head up, it was awesome.”
Indirectly Locicero tries to help her daughter in other ways no matter where she is.
“She wears here little t-shirts everywhere, and tells everyone about me—she is super proud,” Nobles said.
Locicero explained other ways she tries to have her daughter’s business in the limelight.
“One way I make sure my hair always looks good. I work in the public eye and have lots of people always approaching me about my hair and I direct them towards her always. I also have business cards on me at all times and hand them out to multiple people a day,” Locicero said.
With starting a new salon and not being sure what came next Nobles’ first employee ended up being a pleasant surprise to both her and the employee.
Nobles said that the employee, who technically she inherited from the old owner, happened to be Bethany Portier, whom she has known for ten years.
Before Portier knew who the new owner was going to be her feelings on the whole situation, were in a way uneasy.
“I was freaked out at first because I didn’t realize it was Jessica, and I was scared because I had known that one boss for so long. I wasn’t sure who was going to buy the place, when they were going to buy the place, or if someone was even going to buy it because for a while nobody was looking at it. So I was scared that it would have to shut it down, I started looking for a new job when the old owner told me,” Portier said.
Portier was happy with the result of Jessica becoming the owner because of Nobles leadership quality.
“Jessica is a leader and I feel it has helped me grow as a hairstylist and learn new techniques I need to be doing. The change has affected me in a good way of sorts I just miss my friendship I had with my old boss, but sometimes change is good,” Portier said.
One issue Nobles is still trying to find a solution to is walk-in clients because she said at Bellagio it was a more ideal area because there was a lot more foot traffic.
However, Nobles said, “People keep saying location is convenient because it’s in the downtown area, and a lot of people walk downtown with plenty of parking in front. I guess time will tell once we start building more with advertising and letting people know we are here.”
Nobles explained that this coming April will be the year mark of the PURE salon since her ownership, and said the name pure is perfect because, “What we do is pure passion and pure love.”


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