Local church supports missions

Church member volunteers assist customers for the garage sale fundraiser.

Church member volunteers assist customers for the garage sale fundraiser.

On Nov. 7, World Prayer Tabernacle North, a church located in Covington, hosted a garage sale to benefit missionary work across the globe.

Administrative Pastor Mia Celino said the church’s goal is to spread the gospel message. This is accomplished with the community through weekly services and similar programs like small group Bible studies. The church also takes an active part in supporting the efforts of spreading the gospel message in other states and countries by financially supporting home and foreign missionaries.

This was World Prayer Tabernacle North’s first garage sale fundraiser. Although the church did not have a set goal for the event, they were able to raise $2,237 for missions in Indonesia.


The church’s fundraising garage sale included many household treasures.

“The idea for the garage sale was birthed in my LED group.  As we planned for our next evangelistic outreach, we had the idea to have a fundraiser,” said Celino.

The Bible study group decided the proceeds from the fundraiser would be raised for the missionary work that the church supports throughout the year.

“Although I knew it would be a lot of work and it certainly was, I was excited to be working with my church family, and I was excited to bless a missionary family in need,” said member of World Prayer Tabernacle Megan Weese.

“We felt that a garage sale would be perfect because it is a low-cost fundraiser as all the items sold were donated.  Also, we felt that it would also bring needed exposure of our church to the community.  It brought people to the church that may never had come otherwise,” said Celino.

The flyer for the missionary garage sale fundraiser.

The flyer for the missionary garage sale fundraiser.

The church announced to the congregation about the fundraising event in March 2015 and encouraged members to start setting items aside. The church started receiving items for the event in October.

The garage sale had a variety of items for sale. Some of the items included accent furniture pieces, art work, clothing,toys, movies, books and dishes.

“Everything was very reasonably priced, and if people wanted to negotiate the price we were willing to do that, said member of World Prayer Tabernacle North,” Tamara Duncan.

“I felt like they had a few treasures, but mostly common things. I would have purchased something, but I was more focused on getting everything organized for the public,” said Weese.

“We feel that this fundraiser was a huge success and plan to make it an annual event to support missions,” said Celino.

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