Local church hosts fishing rodeo

As a part of their Sportsman Weekend, Journey Church hosted a Fishing Rodeo on Nov. 14 at the home of a church family member. Participants in the event were all teams of children and their parents. Awards and prizes went to the teams who caught the biggest fish, most fish and smallest fish.

About 15 teams participated and fought for the prizes. The winner of the most fish caught, the grand prize, went to the Chollette family. The prize for the biggest fish went to the Murphy family. And the prize for the smallest fish was awarded to the Hebert family. The prizes included large stuffed fish and new fishing poles for the winning teams.

Kelly Sullivan, Journey Church’s Children’s Pastor and event coordinator said, “The fishing rodeo was a great success. It provided parents and children with a bonding experience and memories to last a life time.”

A father and son team up at Journey Church's fishing Rodeo to compete for the grand prize.

A father and son team up at Journey Church’s fishing Rodeo to compete for the grand prize.

The Fishing Rodeo held on Saturday was a first for Journey Church. However, Sullivan hopes that this was the start of an annual tradition for the children and parents of the church.

He said, “It really is a great time of fellowship and a unique way to spend time with your children. I hope that this is something my own children will look forward to.”

It was completely free to participate in the fishing rodeo. Participants only had to supply their own fishing poles and tackle. The Ramirez family provided the pond and fish, and the refreshments were provided by Journey Church. It was a catch and release event so all the fish went safely back into the pond at the conclusion of the rodeo.

A father and daughter team participating and making memories at Journey Church's Fishing Rodeo.

A father and daughter team participating and making memories at Journey Church’s Fishing Rodeo.

Chaz King of Journey Church’s Creative Team and event photographer said, “I could not have asked for a more fun event to photograph. It is a beautiful day at the pond and the children are having so much fun. You can really feel the energy in the photos I’ve taken.”

To end their Sportsman Weekend, Journey Church held a Sportsman Night for the men of the church. They gave away a shotgun and Yeti products, served gumbolaya and had Pastor Steve Robinson of Church of the King as a guest speaker.

Brennan Howes of Journey Church’s creative team said, “I think the Fishing Rodeo really made our Sportsman Weekend. Don’t get me wrong, every event was a huge success and the gumbolaya was delicious, but there’s just something special about facilitating family bonds and relationships.”

For more information about Journey Church, visit the website or Facebook. Below is a video from the Fishing Rodeo showcasing the teams fishing from the pond.

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