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While it’s no surprise New Orleans is a hub for all things music, rising talent Amelia Pierce serves up her piece of the city in her debut EP, Served.

The 21-year-old creative released her music to the public on Oct. 13. With four songs including a head banger and a personal ballad, Pierce is quickly proving she is ready for anything in the music scene.

Served is a compilation of personal struggles and mixed-up emotions. She produces everything from her own honest and true feelings, making her art both raw and unique.

“Basically, the idea behind it is my love for serving a look or serving a bunch of different things,” Pierce said. “There’s so much meaning behind this one word. A lot of it is a broken heart, probably about half, and I feel like I’m serving that with the way I talk my ex-boyfriend up in my songs.”

Pierce remembers developing a love for singing at a very young age. Inspired by a wide range of genres, she incorporates all of her favorites into her own unique tone.

“Growing up, the first time I realized I loved singing and wanted to sing was when I started listening to Queen and when I fell in love with Freddy Mercury. He’s just the best singer ever and opened my eyes to music. He was so different because he sang opera, he had soul, he could do anything. That inspired me to sing, but it also has a lot of influence on the way that I sing sometimes,” she said. “I love Lauren Hill, Sam Cook and Amy Winehouse, too.”

As a native to the Mandeville and Covington area, Pierce knew she was meant for something beyond the suburbs. After graduating from Covington’s Saint Scholastica Academy in 2014, she made the move to New Orleans and credits the change as one of her best decisions.

“I don’t think being from the Northshore has anything to do with my music specifically, but it made me want to get out of there as soon as possible,” she said. “Living in New Orleans for almost four years now has opened me up to so much more. Living on my own, doing what I want to do and not really caring what other people think has been so good for me. The soul and jazz aspect of it, too. My music has taken off.”

Leaving behind negativity and embracing a true, full life is exactly the intent Pierce had when creating her debut EP. She hopes her fans will catch on to the message, too.

“A lot of the songs are telling my listeners to do whatever they want and to be you,” she said. “Embrace yourself and remember, the people that try hold you back are just plain mad.”

While Pierce remains humble, she is quickly developing a fanbase and creative team that is excited for her future as a young female artist.

Nikko Russano, a New Orleans resident and area artist, learned about Pierce’s journey and jumped on board to support her. He has done everything from creative consulting to styling and was her EP cover shoot photographer.

“Seeing Amelia grow as an artist has been amazing. I’m so proud of her,” he said. “Her voice is incredible. She’s been stuck in my head since her music came out.”

With help along the way, Pierce has learned many valuable lessons moving forward and looking back.

“I’ve learned to be patient. You can’t rush something. If you want something to be good, you have to take your time with it and be patient. This whole process made me realize I just need to do what I need to do in order to sing because it’s what makes me feel the best,” she explained.

Pierce is also dedicated to the image of her music and herself. She wants her fans to know that she will always be transparent and honest, but in a fun, quirky and fashionable way.

“I want to be an honest, genuine person to people, but I’ve always been an entertainer. I want people to feel something from me. Fashion is a fun way for me to express myself and feel something personally. As an artist, it just adds to everything,” she said. “When I’m sad, I wear dark colors. When I’m happy, I’ll wear a Barbie outfit. Same goes for my music. It’s all about feeling.”

Following her Oct. 13 launch, Pierce has felt constant love and support, and this kind of reaction is gearing her up for her next round of projects.

“The support is truly amazing. I’m really glad people feel something, anything,” she said. “I’m very proud of myself. I’ve always written and I’ve always sang, but now I’m showing people. What makes me the most proud is that I’m actually doing it.

Sarah Balli, a new fan of Pierce’s music and a budding young female director, notes that she is dedicated to supporting her generation’s talent, one work of art at a time.

“Amelia is going places,” she said. “Her lyrics are so real and so pure, and that’s something worth paying attention to. Everyone is trying so hard to be something they are not, but Amelia’s staying true to who she is, and she is a force to be reckoned with.”

In the meantime, Pierce explains that she keeps her goal of writing a song a day and is constantly seeking opportunities to perform more. Her EP Served is not only a long-awaited project, but an anthem to her daily life—it’s a play on words she will always stand by.

“Serve a look and serve your life,” she said. “Just serve it up.”

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Click here to listen to SERVED, her debut EP.

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