Live stream of presidential debate


Oct. 18



[HAMMOND,LA]- A live stream of the presidential debate took place at the Student Union on Sept. 26 from 8 – 9:30 p.m. A discussion took place prior to the live stream.

Claire Procopio, with the assistance of staff members Amber Narro, Joe Burns and Todd Delaney, will be hosted the event in Student Union Room 2207. Procopio said she hoped to get students to realize that they have a voice in our representative democracy.

A wide array of students, including students from political campaign courses and journalism courses, were expected to be in attendance. Brianna Pugh, graduate assistant, said she wanted to gain a new perspective on both candidates.

Following the debate, was a mock debate that had taken place during the eve of the election. This event included two students articulating as presidential candidates and an audience for open dialogue. Students gained a chance to become civically engaged by voting for which representation they could identify with the most.

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