Live music is returning to Louisiana.

By: Brendan Adams

Local concerts, as well as tours, are coming back as soon as the coming fall.

Venues are looking into the best way to continue with the original goal of re-opening concerts in the upcoming fall.

One venue that is popular for concerts is the Smoothie King Center. Although it is the home of the New Orleans Pelicans, it is also a popular venue for musicians. Many famous musicians make a stop at the Smoothie King Center during the run of their tour, and the arena will be looking forward to concerts in the fall.

Mike Hoss, the director of communications at the Smoothie King Center, said that, while the center is still looking into how they will go forward with concerts, they are doing their best to make it a fun and safe experience: “ Everything is worked on, we are looking at the best framework to keep everyone safe. We are going to follow what the CDC allows us to do.”

Fans are the consumers of the artist’s music, so they are one of the most important parts of a musician’s career, and concerts are a fun way for the musicians to let fans hear their music up close and personal. They give the musician a great amount of their revenue also, as there is a lot of money that goes into a live concert, such as merchandise and tickets. 

According to, in 2020, the most successful music tour worldwide was Elton John, who brought in $ 87.1 million on his tour, despite it being shut down due to COVID-19. This shows the importance of live music for a performer’s revenue.

The fans are always wanting to be connected to the artist that they like. Stadium concerts, as well as local concerts, are how musicians do this. 

Kate Addington, a junior at LSU and a concert enthusiast, says that concerts allow fans to have an experience that is more entertaining than just listening to a song on the radio: “ I think it is important ( for concerts to return) because artists need to be able to showcase their music to their fans. Watching an artist that you are a fan of live is an unmatched experience.”

The venues are coming together to ensure that fans and musicians have a safe environment. As for now, the venues will continue to pay attention to the guidelines that were put in place by the CDC and continue to stay positive.

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