Live Action Continues to be a Pull for Disney

Live action seems to be one of the biggest draws for Disney’s upcoming revamp of “Beauty and the Beast.” Immediately following the live action release of “Cinderella” in March of 2015, Disney announced that “Beauty and the Beast” would be next.

According to a survey on Southeastern UReporter, one-third of respondents said that what they were most looking forward to was seeing how Disney pulls of the live action aspect. The survey was created to gauge the excitement for the film, and was shared on the UReporter webpage as well as the authors’ personal Facebook pages.

Live action has recently become a real competitor for animation in the last couple of years because of the advantages given by progressive technology. Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel Comics and head of POW Entertainment wrote in a blog in 2014, “Animation was once the only way to truly show special the effects and images needed to bring the unique worlds of our favorite superheroes to life.”

However with new special effects and technologies like computer generated imagery (CGI), live action now has the backbone to make just as much magic. Almost 85 percent of the survey respondents agreed that computer graphics and special effects are important to fictional films, however almost half of those added that they come in second to the storyline.

One respondent said, “Especially in fantasy films, I feel that computer graphics can lend a sense of surrealism and an otherworldly look to the movie. However, it has to maintain a balance of being well-rendered enough to be believable.”

While Disney employs some of the best in the game as far as computer graphics, they can rest easy as they know “Beauty and the Beast” is already a classic story and fan favorite.

Disney fan Lauren Snowdy said, “I love that Disney is making timeless classics relevant again through the use of live action films. This makes the stories more powerful for all generations and keeps Disney magic alive for people of all ages.”

The age breakdown of the “Beauty and the Beast” survey.

Thirty four percent of the survey respondents were over the age of 24, so the anticipation of the film by lifetime fans is alive.

Another fan Luke Bleakley said, “The children who loved these movies when they were released are now well into adulthood. Disney has found a way to appeal to them and help them feel the magic all over again.”

Disney’s constant reconnection with its fans is something that holds them to such a high standard. Live action films have become a tool for that, and the new “Beauty and the Beast” is sure to keep that relationship alive.

“Beauty and the Beast” will be wide released on March 17.

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