Lip Sync Battle

Southeastern Louisiana University – A crowd of students gathered around a bonfire last night awaiting the annual Lip Sync competition. The bonfire takes place as a kick off to the night of festivities, and friendly competition. Students can enjoy each other’s company, and a few slices of free pizza while waiting for the main event to start. This year, Lip Sync was at 8:30 p.m. in the University Center.


Lip Sync is a homecoming event, which occurs every year on the Thursday night before the big game on Saturday. It is chance for all student organization to show off their lion pride, as well as bond with the various student organizations we have here at Southeastern Louisiana University.


Katie Williams, President of Phi Mu said, “I look forward to each organization bringing something new to the table each year, and also to see different teams win each year.”


The student organizations team up and perform lip sync routines relating to the theme of homecoming. This year’s overall theme is “Once Upon a Homecoming”, and each team had a different Disney movie. Some of the Disney movies represented were Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin.


Shelbi Neal, a member of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry said, “I think the main thing I look forward to about Lip Sync is the creativity of the dances, and to see how everyone incorporates the story and theme into their personal performances.”


For Lip Sync to happen, judges had to finalized for the event and rules had to be confirmed for the student organizations to follow. While in the past Lip Sync has taken place outside, this year it was held in the University Center. The outside performance was not only costly because of the stage, but it was also a risk with our unpredictable Louisiana weather. There have been multiple occasions were homecoming events had to be postponed because of the weather. Student Government Association took that into consideration this year and made some smart decisions. However, there were a few obstacles that had to be overcome before this change could happen. There was a volleyball game that same night, but the Athletic Department agreed to move the game up in order for Lip Sync to take place in the University Center.


Seth Leto, President of SGA said, “It’s been a lot of new experiences for me, but so far everything has gone smoothly and I can’t wait to see how people respond to the new changes.”


Each student organization was paired with one or two other different organizations. The teams then received which Disney story they would represent for their lip sync performance. These themes are given to each group randomly; therefore no one has the option of choosing which Disney story they want to perform. The organizations must come up with routines that will take the audience into the fairytale. It seems that every year the routines get more elaborate, and creative. There is not one routine like the other, which keeps the audience engaged and entertained.


Shelby Johnson, a participant from Alpha Sigma Tau said, “A typical practice starts around 9 p.m., and then we learn the routine, and run it over and over again until it’s clean.”


The performance must be between 5 and 7 minutes long. Each team must have at least one representative of each organization in their team. The maximum amount of people allowed on a team is 20 people. There are also certain rules that lip sync participants must follow. Since stunt work is evident is most routines, it was necessary to place regulations on the stunts. There could only be two flips in a tumble pass, and no one could be lifted higher than chest level. A person also couldn’t flip over another person or prop during the routine. These regulations were set into place to ensure the safety of all participants.


Dawn Dupont, a participant from Alpha Sigma Tau said, “Some nights we even stay up until 2 a.m. practicing our routines.”


After weeks of hard work, and late night practices, the teams are able to show off their unforgettable routines. The University was packed with students, faculty members, and even parents. Lip sync is truly an event that brings everyone together to celebrate our great university during homecoming week.


Bryce Cothern, a participant from Sigma Tau Gamma said, “It’s the coming together of all student organizations, and having the opportunity to meet new people that makes Lip Sync such a rewarding experience.”


Student organizations don’t always get the opportunity to collaborate with each other. However, lip sync allows for all student organization to come together and participate in a fun activity. It gives a sense of unity to everyone involved on campus.


Madison Chauvin, a coach for the Phi Mu, Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Tau Gamma team said, “It has been a joy to work with Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Tau Gamma because they have been so helpful and eager to learn the routine.”


When it comes to school pride, there is nobody else who shows it off more than our very Roomie the lion. Most of the lip sync routines feature Roomie into their story. He is always the star of the show, and seems to pump everyone up for the upcoming game.


Chauvin also said, “Since it’s homecoming and Roomie is such an iconic figure for our school, I think it’s important to incorporate him into the routine because he brings everyone together.”


The order in which the teams performed was picked at random. Each team brought something unique to the stage, and captivated the audience performance after performance. After each team showed off their lip sync talents, the homecoming court was presented. During this time, the judges tallied up the scores to determine this years Lip Sync champion. The night ended with Catholic Student Association taking home 1st place, Alpha Sigma Tau and Phi Mu Alpha in 2nd place, and Baptist Collegiate Ministry in 3rd place.




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