Lions LEAD leaves its mark

Lions LEAD was hosted by the Division for Student Affairs this past weekend at Tall Timbers Baptist Conference Center near Alexandria. Formerly known as the Emerging Leaders Retreat, students could explore the idea of leadership, whether they are new or experienced leaders.

Over 40 students participated in the weekend long retreat. The new name of the retreat is Lions LEAD – an acronym for learn, emerge, achieve and develop. The new Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Eric Summers wanted to reserve the title of “emerging leaders” for some freshmen level experiences he has cooking up.

2017 Lions LEAD. Photo provided by Faith Allen.

Senior Faith Allen was on the retreat planning team as a DSA ambassador. She got involved with DSA after attending the retreat as a sophomore and subsequently appliedĀ for the ambassadorship. She said, “This retreat is life changing. I have learned so much about myself and other leaders through this experience. I think it is truly amazing to see SLU student leaders come together and connect.”

Students of all classifications, freshmen to seniors, attended the program and had the opportunity not only to grow and gain leadership skills, but to mingle with peers from across campus and throughout colleges.

Freshman Morgan McClendon said, “Lions LEAD was a great experience for me. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and effectively communicate with others. I also discovered that just because a person is quiet does not mean they can’t be a great leader.”

Photo provided by Faith Allen.

Another member of the planning committee and actively involved DSA ambassador and employee, senior Neil Bourgeois said the upgrade of the retreat is just the first of many programs being revamped or added to DSA’s toolbox. He said Dr. Summers has a lot of fresh ideas, and he looks forward to seeing them implemented to better our campus in general, but also all Lion leaders.

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