Lions for the Lamb ministry draws crowd, focuses on connection

Over 35 people attended the first Lions for the Lamb campus ministry meeting of the fall 2010 semester last Thursday. Southeastern students and their guests spent the evening fellowshipping with friends and worshipping in song, as well as hearing about the ministry’s vision of greater spiritual connection for this year.

Students show off their "Connect" spirit with their colorful jelly bands after the first fall 2010 Lions for the Lamb ministry meeting. - Photo by Megan Mosher

Lions for the Lamb President Kaleb Saucer noted that the ministry will seek to connect on three different levels: connecting with God individually, connecting with the church as a whole and connecting others with Christ. “Connecting our campus with Christ” is the ministry’s slogan this year, he said.

In a world constantly connected via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or texting, Saucer stated research has shown his generation is the most likely to suffer from loneliness and depression or to commit suicide. “We’ve lost our ability to connect,” he said.

Yet he also noted that youth who become involved in a cause, are much less likely to suffer from loneliness or depression or commit suicide. He encouraged students to connect to God through prayer and Bible reading, stating that the Bible is God’s instruction manual for daily living.

He also encouraged them to become connected to their local churches or to the campus ministry. He assured students that L4L is focused on an individual relationship with God and not specific religious practices. Everything that’s taught or preached up here will be from the Bible, he said.

Sarah Parker, a freshman majoring in elementary education, said she liked that everything in the ministry is based on the Bible and not religion.

“I like the fact that there is not a label on what type of club it is. There’s no religious label,” she said. “You don’t have to feel awkward worshipping the way you want to worship.”

Freshman Joshua Magee agreed with her. “It’s more about getting connected to God,” the computer sciences major said. “The biggest thing is teaching what the Word says and not what man says the Word says.”

The meeting began with a meal of chicken and dumplings, brownies and soft drinks, which students enjoyed while laughing and chatting about their classes, lives and experiences.

“I loved it,” business administration junior Liz Duncan said. “This is an amazing group of people. Everybody’s so friendly, like long lost friends or something.”

Chloe Saucer raises her hands in worship during the first Lions for the Lamb Thursday night service of the fall semester. - Photo by Megan Mosher

 The meeting also included a short worship service led by a few members of the ministry and accompanied by two guitarists. Several young people raised their hands in worship and Saucer observed that a sweet spirit of God was in the room.

“It was a great response. A great turnout,” he said. “I’m looking forward to next week and every week after that.”

Parker said that she will definitely be attending upcoming meetings. “Every Thursday. Seven o’clock,” she said.

The Lions for the Lamb is an apostolic campus ministry organized by students for students who are interested in learning more about God. Ministry meetings are Thursday nights at 7 p.m. in Student Union Room 223. For more information about the ministry and upcoming events, visit the, connect to the Lions for the Lamb Facebook page or e-mail

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