Lions and Tigers and Lights, Oh My!

[BATON ROUGE]- Baton Rouge Zoo adds Christmas lights to show holiday spirit. The annual Zoolights display opened November 25 and running through December 30th, for visitors to come after dark to enjoy a stroll through the zoo decorated with Christmas and animal lighted scenes.

Visitors enjoy seeing scenes of Santa in his sleigh, or larger than life lighted animals. There are monkeys hanging from trees, an animated running tiger and a giant snowman. Though, many of the animals, and certain areas of the park, are off limits, the main walkway has been turned into a mile long walk that is lighted from beginning to end.

Cathy Anderson, a zoo employee, said, ” We can get pretty busy on the weekend, but it’s nice to see so many people coming and enjoying the lights. Not to mention it’s a great way to help out the zoo animals.”

After the main park closes, and the animals are brought in, the park lights up as soon as the sun starts to set.

“This is a great and affordable trip for people to enjoy,” said Holly Moore, she and her daughter came out to see the lights, “With so many homes in my area still under construction from the flood, not many people have been decorating for the holidays. We’ve always enjoyed riding around to see the lights. So this year we decided to come here instead.”

“This is so cool,” said 9 year old Madalyn Moore, “it’s almost like walking through an enchanted forest. I never knew they even did this.”

Zoolights runs daily, rain or shine,  from 5:30- 8 p.m. On weekends the zoo usually has special events for the kids, but the light displays can be seen on any day of the week. Admission is only $5 for adults, $3 dollars for kids, and $4 for seniors.

Zoolights is a good place to take the family, holiday enthusiast, or any out of town guests. Visit their website, for special zoo events or discounts.



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