Legislature Discusses Alcoholic Container Sizes in Transport

On Thursday April 27, the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives voted to move House Bill 114 favorably as amended due to no objections by any representatives in Committee Room 1.

The bill was presented to the committee by Representative Chad Brown, a Democrat who represents District 60 in Louisiana, which specifically includes Assumption and Iberville parishes.

Brown said, “House Bill 114 is being brought on behalf of the members of the wine industry.”

This bill, according the the record presented by Attorney¬†Landry, “provides relative to the sale and shipment of certain alcoholic beverages¬†.”

Representative Brown offered amendments to the committee that would only address the container size of the alcoholic beverages and no other aspect involved in the transportation.

Representative Lowell C. “Chris” Hazel was called upon and made a motion to report House Bill 114 as amended.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Katrina Jackson, who represents Morehouse and Ouachita parishes, called upon Representative Tanner D. Magee, a Republican who represents Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes, to ask Representative Brown a question.

Instead, Representative Magee joked and addressed Representative Brown at the table and said, “I just wanted to point out that y’all must have the biggest height difference between association and bill author that I’ve ever seen.”

Laughs were exchanged throughout members of the committee and the attention was then turned back to House Bill 114 and its fate.

With no objections amongst the committee, House Bill 114 was reported favorably as amended.

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