Legislation to Name Highways After 2 Fallen Police Officers Progresses in the Senate

At the Capitol last Thursday, legislators amended Senate Bill 60 to rename portions of Louisiana highway in memory of two police officers.

Louisiana State Trooper Bobby Smith was blinded by a shotgun blast to the face on March 14, 1986. Smith became a psychologist and counseled law enforcement officers who suffered from injuries or post traumatic stress disorder. Smith died at the age of 66 last October.

Sterlington Police Officer David Elahi died while he was making a routine traffic stop in the early hours of July 3, 2016 when an impaired driver swerved and hit him.

The legislation was brought up by Rep. Mike Walsworth to designates portion of specific state highways in memory of certain police officers.

Rep. Walsworth said, “When it comes to the men in blue, we can find the money for that we can find it pretty quickly”.

The sections of highway will be named “The Bobby Smith Vision of Courage Highway” and “Sterlington Police Officer David Elahi Memorial Highway” in honor of the fallen officers.  

The wife of Bobby Smith, Janie Smith, and the father of David Eleahi, Marcus Elahi, spoke to representatives thanking them for their consideration of considering the bill.

The amendment was reported favorably by Sen. James Fannin. The bill is currently pending Senate final passage on May 8.  

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