Leading with love: Ashlin Hinojosa of Theta Phi Alpha

There are many qualities that make up a leader. Recruitment chair of Southeastern’s Theta Phi Alpha sorority Ashlin Hinojosa is a perfect example of effective, friendly leadership.

Hinojosa has been an active member of Theta Phi Alpha for two years. In the past, she has had leadership roles like intramurals and assistant recruitment chair. She currently holds the position of recruitment chair, a year long executive position that ensures the chapter is upholding its values and standards throughout recruitment week.

Hinojosa (middle) pictured with two sorority sisters, Paige and Christina. Photo provided by Ashlin Hinojosa.

Hinojosa (middle) pictured with two sorority sisters, Paige and Christina. Photo provided by Ashlin Hinojosa.

“The funny thing is, I never thought I’d have a leadership position, and look at me now,” said Hinojosa, an exercise science junior. “From the very beginning, I was awarded most outstanding new member. My sisters saw something in me before I knew it myself.”

With a bubbly personality and a big heart to match, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Hinojosa is committed to the sisterhood and constant improvement of the Theta Phi Alpha Beta Epsilon chapter.

“I picked Ashlin as my big because I think she exhibits all of the things in our creed daily, whether she realizes it or not,” said Paige Simpson, Theta Phi Alpha and freshman psychology major. “She is a perfect example of the successful young woman I’d like to become, within the sorority and the rest of my life.”

Hinojosa’s love and dedication for her chapter shines through in everything she does. She thanks her sisters for allowing her to grow into the young woman she is today.

“It is because of my sisters that I can actually lead effectively and nicely like a leader should. With their support, I have grown so much as a leader and person,” she said.

Many of Hinojosa’s sorority sisters can agree that she is not only an inspiring leader, but a humble and caring young woman.

“Ashlin is such a sweet and wonderful sister, and she was one of the first that instantly made me feel welcome. I think she did a great job as recruitment chair and I can’t wait to see what she does next,” said freshman nursing major and Theta Phi Alpha member, Kayla Thorne.

Recruitment chair is one step closer to Hinojosa’s hopes of rising within her chapter. “I would love to be president one day,” she said. “I can’t just wear the shirt. I have to be fully involved and give back to all of the things it gave me.”

Her latest venture is applying to be a recruitment counselor for next year’s sorority recruitment. Hinojosa said, “The connections I make keep me going, whether it be inside or outside of Greek life. I want to show incoming girls the sisterhood that has brought me to where I am right now.”

The Marrero native maintains a full time class schedule, two jobs and the executive position with a smile. What’s her secret for staying on top of the game?

“I plan everything in advance,” she said. “My sisters and I keep each other accountable for what we have to do. Also, if we’re being honest here, a really large cup of coffee.”

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