Late Night at the Pennington

Late Night at Southeastern Louisiana University took place on Oct. 22 at the Southeastern Pennington Student Activity Center. Late Night is an event that the Pennington puts on to help students relax and unwind from the busy semester. The event starts at 8 p.m. and runs until 1 a.m.

Students enjoyed free pizza.

Students enjoy free pizza at the Pennington Student Activity Center during Late Night Southeastern.

To help regulate traffic, the Pennington provides check-in at the very front entrance of building instead of the normal check-in desk in the facility. The event is free to all students who show their University ID.

Late Night has multiple games and outlets to allow students to relieve stress, and these games also give students the ability to socialize with other students. The normal turnout for this event can be upwards to a couple hundred people. Students can also invite a guest who does not attend the university to accompany them. If the student calls two hours in advance and informs them of the guest and leaves a contact number, the guest pays $10 to get in.

The event involves games such as four on four volleyball, video game tournament, and grocery bingo. Grocery bingo is played like any other bingo, each round’s winner wins a door prize. The door prizes range from bags of groceries, laundry detergent and school supplies such as scantrons. The winner of the last round of grocery bingo wins the biggest prize. It’s a combination of all prizes plus possible Southeastern apparel. The event is made possible by the efforts of Assistant Director of Health and Fitness, Megan Mast. Mast tells her favorite activity of Late Night, “My favorite is grocery bingo because so many people get into it”.

The event also provides plenty of entertainment for the attendees. Along with the video games, Late Night offer a live DJ for participants to listen to music, and some students even refer to the event as club rec. Along with these incentives food is also added to the package. In the past the Pennington has offered Raising Canes chicken dinners, jambalaya, and pizza.

Junior nursing major Raven Price could not attend the latest Late Night but said, “I could not attend this past Late Night but all of my friends talk so highly of it. I definitely plan to attend the next one”. The director of the Pennington, Mrs. Dollie Hebert said, “Late Night is here for students to have a place to go. The reason of the whole event is to give the students a place to go beside the bar scene. Instead of going out and making bad decisions students can visit the Pennington Center and have a healthy outlet.”

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