Lady Lions basketball: excitement in the air


The Southeastern Lady Lions basketball games have been one of the more exciting events on the campus. The Lady Lions faced Division I-A opponent Auburn University on Monday night and came within six points in the fourth quarter before falling to the Tigers 80-68. The excitement was in the air as the students were involved with the game and chanting allowing the players to feed off of the energy and come back into the game. “The football team likes to sit behind the bench and get in the heads of the opposing teams in order to help our girls win the game,” said Junior William French.

The basketball games have an array of features that allow it to be as exciting as it is. The band attends the game allowing the fans to have music and chant the school’s favorite themes. Also it allows for the other team to be distracted as they have to hear loud music in the midst of trying to discuss their strategies and game plans. Also the students have the opportunity to compete in halftime challenges in order to win prizes and engage in competitions. “Having more fans at the game makes it enjoyable to watch and be a part of as a student,” said James Donaldson.

Each of the games has a energetic feel and allows the fans to be involved in the games and make an impact. That is a true home court advantage that every school needs to have. “It makes it exciting to go to the games and be a part of the fun events at school,” stated Cole Leblanc.The games are only going to get more exciting as basketball season is just beginning. Check out one of the games soon and catch some great basketball action.

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