Local entertainment at La Carreta

Aaron Mayeux and Ty Fajoni standing outside of La Carreta. The duo perform every Thursday and Friday night.

Aaron Mayeux and Ty Fajoni standing outside of La Carreta. The duo perform a variety of music every Thursday and Friday night.

HAMMOND, La. – A pair of Hammond locals, Aaron Mayeux and Ty Fajoni, spend every Thursday and Friday night performing live music together at La Carreta.

In a small college town, the duo provide a popular entertainment option.

A recent transplant, Meredith Davis considers their performances a necessary part of her weekly routine.

I enjoy hearing them play,” Davis said. “My friend introduced me to this place when I moved here a year ago from Metairie. Both guys are passionate about music and that definitely shines through with the way they enjoy interacting with the crowd.”

Together, Fajoni and Mayeux perform music that keeps people coming back week after week; however, they took separate paths to reach this point.

Fajoni has been playing the guitar since he was 10 years old. It started when his dad bought him a guitar for Christmas, and his interest grew from there.

Guitar and music introduced me to a hobby of constant learning,” Fajoni said. “It can’t be perfected, and every song teaches me something new.

Unlike Fajoni, Mayeux has always done his fair share of singing, but he did not pursue it on any other level until he turned 20.

I was hanging out with some buddies of mine that played guitar, and they wanted me to sing along,” Mayeux said. “Eventually this turned into an open mic night at Cate Street Pub in downtown Hammond. From there, we decided to push our luck and get ourselves a couple real gigs.”

I’ve always been a big fan of music, but my first interest in actually playing music was actually sparked when some of the people I sang in front of were impressed. I thought maybe I’ve got something good here. I also enjoyed the fact that not everyone could pick up a guitar and play, or in my case just bust out in song,” said Mayeux.

Although they both play guitar, different artists have influenced on them.

Fajoni finds interest in musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Mayeux likes a variety of music, too, with one of his favorite genres being country music.

I love expressing myself and introducing the audience to a song that they have never heard before, but I also enjoy making someone’s day by playing their favorite song,” Fajoni said.

For that, Davis is glad she’s found something familiar in a new place.

It’s part of what I love about living here,” she said.


(Video courtesy of Aaron Mayeux)


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