KSLU Now Hiring- Students from Any Major Are Encouraged to Apply

This semester KSLU’s general manager, Deborah Wickham, is hiring 14 students from any major to fill paid positions ranging from Dj, social media, video/ audio production and more. Students will receive professional training from the station and hands-on experience.

Ms.Wickham is looking for students who have a genuine interest in radio. “The students that I have right now have really pushed the envelope and done more than what I’ve expected of them-they’ve kind of raised the bar for students.”  

Adam Cortez, KSLU’s music director, started working for the station 2 years ago. Cortez has made connections with music representatives from all over the country and he interviewed the lead singer of Weezer last month. Cortez was able to produce a sports commentary show called “CrunchTime Sports” where he and a few students analyze recent sports plays.

 Cortez said “If you have an aspiration for anything related to radio or broadcast production, I think what we offer is invaluable because we’re offering experience into a field that you want to go into on a professional basis. We’re an FCC-licensed station so everything we do has to fall under the parameters of what other stations have to do.” 

Raynell Jacobs, KSLU’s audio engineer, described the hands-on experience he’s received. Jacobs said, “Board oping (board operating),talking over the radio, reading and playing music- that’s basically a 30k job already and that’s easy experience.” He said the best benefit of working at KSLU is learning while getting paid. He said “Just about every day I’m there I’m learning something new while getting paid- it’s a great experience all around.”    

Dr. Joe Burns, a Dj at KSLU and advisor for the Broadcast Education Association, said that students who get hired on will have their dues compensated for their first year of the BEA.  Burns said the reason he is offering a free semester of the BEA is because, “it looks great on any kind of a broadcast resume… it also avails students to different scholarships and recognition that way.”  

Burns suggests all students take advantage of this opportunity because “no one can be too schooled in the art of communication… most employers consider communication skills to be one of their top priorities when considering a new hire.”  Burns also has connections with professional stations downtown who are constantly looking for new people to hire on. 

Students who want to apply must contact Deborah Wickham.

Students contact her by phone 985-288-9898  or email deborah.wickham@selu.edu.

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