KSLU holding low-profile spring fund drive

Fund Drive Sign

A sign advertising the fund drive outside of D Vickers

During the week of March 22 through 26 KSLU is going to be holding its annual fund drive.  This year’s fund drive is going to be a little different from previous years’.

KSLU is a non-commercial radio station and the weeklong spring fund drive is a very important event to raise funds that are vital to maintaining the quality of programming.  During the fundraising week, DJs talk on air about how KSLU has advanced their education and given them valuable work experience.  This spring’s fund drive, however, is going to be a low profile fundraiser.  Donors are asked to mail in their contributions or to donate on www.KSLU.org.  The main focus of this fundraiser is to replenish the KSLU scholarship.

The KSLU scholarship is a $500 scholarship that is awarded to an outstanding KSLU employee.  Underwriting Director Chad Pierce say, “The scholarship definitely comes in handy with the tuition increase.”

KSLU is also going to have a more traditional fund drive in September.  “The on air fund drive was moved to the fall because there are a lot of non-profit fundraisers that take place in the spring,” says Pierce.

The KSLU scholarship is not the only reason for fundraising.  “It cost several thousands of dollars to broadcast.  World Café, This American Life, and Putumayo World Music Hour are very expensive,” say General Manager Todd Delaney.  Syndicated programs are not cheap.  World Café, which has a strong following and a local sponsor, costs $5,400 a year to broadcast.

There are also operational costs such as repairs that are paid for by the fund drive.  “Any repairs to radio station equipment is insanely expensive, so fund drive dollars are very helpful,” says Delaney.  There is also a need for updated software.  “We like to have the most updated software because it doesn’t benefit students that graduate from KSLU to work on out dated software,” says Pierce.

Money from both of this years’ fund drives are going to help further the education of students looking to have a career in radio, and ensure that KSLU keeps the quality of its programming.

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