“Knowing the hands that grow your food” with the Farmer’s Market

A banner for the farmer's market

The farmer’s market filled Southeastern University’s Student Union mall with fresh produce and loads of information about living an eating healthier. Club Re-connect, the student environment club on campus, sponsored the farmer’s market. Several vendors were there representing different co-ops including the Indian Springs Co-op and the Pointe Coupee Minority Farmer’s Co-op.


Strawberry farmers such as Heather Robertson from Johndale’s Farm in Ponchatoula and Phil O’Donnell from O’Donnell’s Market located in Hammond. The farmer’s market sold items, such as honey, onions, potatoes, bell peppers, other vegetables, strawberries and blueberries.


“Even though the fruits and vegetables are fresh, they are much cheaper than the produce in the super markets,” said Crystal Simon.

This isn’t the first time the farmer’s market has been invited to Southeastern Louisiana University. In October of last year, there were chefs and local farmers that took part in the event. Re-connect’s objective for bringing the farmer’s market to Southeastern is to promote healthier eating choices for the students on Southeastern’s campus.


“By buying local food, we also put money back into our economy,” said Shawn Keller. The Real Food Challenge, a campaign among colleges across the nation, is the platform for Southeastern’s newly found awareness about eating locally-grown produce and promoting healthier lifestyles.

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