King Cake Parade

Miss Southeastern 2018 and other members of Student Publications prepare to distribute king cake on the parade route. Sarah Hess/ Southeastern UReporter

Students and other attendees were treated to a duo of a Mardi Gras staples on campus: king cake and a parade.

The university’s Campus Activities Board hosted a King Cake Parade on Feb. 8. Members of the organization illustrated that the preparation process included purchasing 20 boxes of king cake, enough dessert to feed about 300 people.

CAB member Hailey Landry of CAB admitted that the event was created to make students aware of the Mardi Gras season.

Le Souvenir yearbook staff member Chandler Green and Admissions staff member Sakeena Kadri explained that to prepare for the parade, CAB had to gather decorations, untangle beads and box king cake.

Student Publications Coordinator Lorraine Peppo, disclosed that members of the staff were excited to participate alongside fellow staff member and Miss Southeastern 2018 Alyssa Larose. She detailed why the department chose to participate.

”I hope to keep doing this in the future,” said Peppo. “It’s a great opportunity to show off Student Publications.”

Larose further expanded on ideas that she believes would improve the parade if it should occur again.

“They plan to keep expanding the parade to where organizations like fraternities and sororities can one day get involved, maybe even having miniature float competitions,” said Larose. “I look forward to seeing how far CAB can make it grow.”

Some of the challenges CAB faced were getting the word out to the vast majority of the student body. During the parade, CAB members were tasked with catching the attention of the students and having them take part in the event.

CAB Senior Event Manager Gabrielle Levet explained that she contacted organizations over the phone in order to pique their levels of interest in the parade. When departments like admissions, athletics, student publications and document source responded, she sent them emails to follow up on plans.

“It was kind of a last minute process,” admitted Levet. “I called the organizations to see if they were interested. If they gave me the yes, I sent them an email to let me know where they were meeting. It was up to them to decide on their decorations and throws. We all just kind of collaborated.”

Levet shares her goals if the event occurs next year during Carnival season.

“I would plan more,” said Levet. “We wouldn’t include any more vehicles other than golf carts, but that would allow other organizations to walk in the parade. We hope to open it up to more of a variety of organizations.”

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