Kicking butts

The campus organization Peer Educators Educating Peers wants Southeastern to kick butts when it comes to smoking. The organization spread its message on tobacco awareness from a tent in front of Fayard Hall.

Taking a different approach, PEEP used balloons to symbolize the impact tobacco has on peoples lives March 23 at the annual Kick Butts Day.

“Last year Kick Butts Day collected 690 pairs of shoes, which represented deaths from second hand smoke,” head PEEPS advisor Annette Newton said. “I think students want to participate and get their loved ones recognized.”

The organization Peer Educators Educating Peers hands out information during its annual Kick Butts Day.


Stationed underneath a tent information packets were available, and rows of balloons were tied down in front of the set up. There was a sign up sheet to participate and write any message on a balloon. The balloons represented the effects tobacco had on the students and the people in their lives.

“The biggest impact will be at two o’clock,” PEEPS advisor Lisa Surrency said. “The release of the balloons represents people who died from tobacco related cancer.”

The balloons were pink, which represented breast cancer, white represents lung cancer, red represents heart disease, and yellow for students to write messages about tobacco.

“I think people are strong supporters, it helps to understand the impact when they see the balloons released,” Surrency said.

Pink balloons represent breast cancer. Yellow balloons allow students to write a message for display.


The event provided information to raise awareness on Southeastern’s campus about the health risks and terminal illnesses caused by the use of tobacco products. Students were eager to sign up and educate themselves about the effects of tobacco, and share their first hand experiences.

“The goal is to move toward a tobacco free campus, they have schools that are tobacco free Nicholls State is one.” Newton said. “I’m hoping students walk away with awareness on how tobacco affects everybody.”

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