Press Release for Outstanding Fees


The last day of classes for the Fall semester is on Dec. 4. Final exams are on Dec. 7-11, which will be the official end of the semester, it is also when students should make sure their outstanding fees are taken care of.

As the Fall semester comes to an end, many students try to get prepared for the Spring semester. The time to register for classes is also the time to make sure outstanding fees are taken care of, including parking tickets.

The Southeastern website states the following regarding student payments:

“Students, faculty, and staff who fail to pay their financial obligation for parking violations to the University may have their parking privileges revoked. In addition, students who fail to pay their financial obligations to the University, before the end of the semester, will not be allowed to register for classes, secure transcripts, or receive diplomas until the obligations have been cleared.”

Though it may seem as though students are the only ones being penalized, teachers have consequences as well.

The Southeastern website states the following regarding faculty and staff payments:

“Faculty/staff who do not pay outstanding parking and traffic citation fines will have the amount of the fine(s) deducted from their last pay check of the fiscal year or their final paycheck upon resignation/termination from the university.”



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