It Starts with the Doctors and Ends with the Community



If a patient wants a doctor to examine them and prescribe medication, any doctor is capable of doing so. If a patient wants a doctor who actually listens, understands, educates his/her patients and has a passion for medicine, then look for a Dr. Derek Metoyer.


“Interacting, building relationships, expressing emotions, and uplifting patients is what makes my job enjoyable and why I look forward to serving patients each and every day.” Derek Metoyer expressed.


Everyone has gone to a doctor at some point in their lives for a health concern, but to have a doctor make a difference in everyday lives and in the community is on another level of being a doctor.


“I feel that Dr. Derek Metoyer has contributed to the community in many different ways. The difference I see is in his community service that he gives to the town of Opelousas. He is always a volunteer that speaks at numerous events. He gives his time whenever its requested. he’s a kind and caring physician. Karen Demouchet says.


The community of Opelousas has a lively, vivid creative side when it comes to entertaining the community with food and music festivals, year around parades and local and out of state trail rides. Although the town of Opelousas, Louisiana is known for its Cajun recipes and spicy, flavorful boudin, and let’s not forget about Tony Chachere seasoning; the town could educate themselves more on health risks and less on how much spice and seasoning to add in a pot of Jambalaya.


Dr. Derek Metoyer enjoys the activities that the town brings. But the questions is shouldn’t there be more events or fundraisers or local shows on informing and educating the community about health, diseases and upcoming heart and artery risks that can occur if your body is not being taken care of the correct way?


“Being in the area of health, and being aware of the different health risks is information that everyone needs to be aware of. I simply want to educate the community about various health risks and help people to become healthier so they can enjoy a healthy and stress free lifestyle. With my plans to educate the community, I plan to inform the community about the BMI project. BMI means body mass index. As a doctor, it is our job to encourage the people and our patients to know more about their health and how they can prevent themselves from becoming sick. Enormous amounts of sugar and salt is not good for you or your body, and it will add extra unnecessary weight and obesity could occur if you are not careful with it. Also, a lot of individuals do not know the accurate weight that they are supposed to be. Extra weight has been and still remains a problem in the world of health.” Dr. Derek Metoyer stated.


From Cajun country, Dr. Derek Metoyer was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Instead of the usual drugs, shooting and gang related activities, Metoyer chose to explore a different route in the world of medicine. He studied at Louisiana State University. Dr. Metoyer met his wife, the late Dr. Lana Metoyer, in medical school. After medical school Metoyer worked with Opelousas General Health System before opening his own practice of 19 years.


Derek Metoyer has received numerous awards from the Boy Scouts, LA Academy of Family Physicians, American Academy of Family Physicians and of course recognized by his local community and hospital.


Of course in a doctor’s office, there are some interesting incidents and other times being in a doctor’s office can be a little nerve wrecking. Metoyer stated that he loves his patients because not only does he help them, but in their own individual way, they help him also. The patients often come for a check- up and get examined and may receive health information and advice on personal and health related issues. It is also interesting to meet new people and patients and finding out how they live. While getting the eyes or the ears examined ,or even taking blood pressure, it is nice to have a conversation to help the patients relax and open up to the doctor or the nurse.


“I feel as though a doctor is there to be informative and that everyone should establish a cordial relationship with their doctor. I am not too fond of a personal relationship because it can make things difficult while you are trying to better.” Logan Guillory said.


In the life of a doctor, there are many different challenges and obstacles that are faced. Some expected and others unexpected.


“I will say, it is a challenge working in the office since my wife passed. Being in the office honestly does not feel the same and I have not changed much since she passed last year. I still can picture her sitting in her chair. She was a real inspiration and a ray of sunshine here in the office and we all miss her.” Derek implied.


After 19 years of practicing, Dr. Metoyer still has a passion for medicine and wants to continue in medicine. But in the event of retiring, he would like to do something still dealing with helping others and tending to their needs. Coaching or volunteering with local organizations will occupy time and helping others is still the main goal.


Unexpected challenges and obstacles, physically, mentally, and emotionally caring for patients, lending out a helping hand, and informing and educating are qualities that all doctors should have. More people would start going to the doctor office more if the medical statistics were present and the emotions were there. Most individuals feel that doctors do not care about the patients and will tell them anything to get them out of the office. Citizens need to get more involved and care more about health to live a healthier lifestyle and doctor should want to educate for a healthier community and decrease the numbers in high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and more.


America can be a healthy country and we can decrease the numbers, but it starts in the home, then spreads to the community, and it ends at the doctor’s office.

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