Is Work Study For You?

Attending college and having a job can always be stressful. Long hours in class and long hours of work can sometimes take a toll on academics. That is why many colleges and universities offer work study. Work study has become very effecent in allowing students to earn money by working part time as a student worker. According to, on August 20, 1964, The Economic Opportunity Act was created. This act allowed all U.S citizens the opportunity to reach their full potential and earn money towards college tuition and higher education.

Here at Southeastern, there are numerous work study jobs for both undergraduate and graduate students. According to Southeastern’s website ( students are allowed to work up to 25 hours during the semester and up to 40 hours on breaks.

Student worker, Imani Franklin, sophomore majoring in Kinesiology, says, “The most beneficial part is that I get a lot of my homework done and I get to study.” Franklin is a student worker in the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department and also the English department.


Imani at work 11/5/15. Taken by Kiara Atlow

Jessica Siebenkittle, third level administrative assistant Sociology and Criminal Justice, has lots experience hiring and working with work study students. She says, “The hardest part of work study from the bosses point of view is the dependability. For example, this isn’t a normal 9-5 job, so it’s hard to cover shifts and get replacements last minute. Thats why I encourage the students to let me know in advance if they need a day off or to leave early.” 

Siebenkittle also mentioned that her job duties are keeping track of her undergrad and grad students. “Grad students get paid more and can work more hours than undergrad; this is a major factor that goes into having a work study job.”

She says that grad students get paid anywhere from $10.50-$12/hr while undergrads get between $7.25-$8/hr. She keeps track of graduate student workers, hours, and class schedules on a tracking grid. The tracking grid shows that they cannot go past 320 hours per semester.

Work study is overall very beneficial and rewarding. So ask yourself, Is Work Study For You?


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