Intramural sports bring out the best in college students

In the life of a college student there are feelings such as stress, anxiety, and a snippet of fun. Intramural basketball allows college students to do more than just play a game, it allows them to escape the negative feelings they experience.


Trey Sparks, a student at Southeastern, said “Intramurals is fun for me because I get to come in here, compete, and not let my talents go to waste.” The privilege of playing intramural basketball gives college students a sense of freedom, both players and fans. Players get to relive their glory days through playing a game they love, while the fans get to not only support their friends as they play, but also create new bonds that last a lifetime.

Participants in intramural basketball have been playing since they were children. Junior, Greg Johnson has had a role in intramural basketball since his freshman year at Southeastern. “It all started three years ago during my freshman year; when I came in I wasn’t as confident as I am now,” Johnson said.

He also provided motivational talks to his team when he injured his ankle and continued to play, asking them, what would the greats do? Intramural sports are games that provide students with a deeper bonding experience, they are bridges that allow them to merge instead of remaining divided.

It allows students to participate in something they are passionate about with friends and gives them the chance to have fun and compete. The bonding experience that players develop with their teammates is one of the most beneficial aspects of intramural sports. Justin Smith, another Southeastern student who enjoys intramural sports, said, “I’ve known my teammates a pretty long time, most of them a good two years.” Most players are on teams with close friends that share their passion for the sport, and it helps their bond as teammates only grow.

“We all know each other, we’re all good with each other, and we all have fun with each other,” Smith said of his chemistry with his friends and teammates. Intramural sports is not just about playing a game. It allows players and students to experience lasting relationships and moments without having to tryout for the school basketball team and to focus on just having fun with friends.

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