Intramural Indoor Soccer Kicks Off Sept. 15th

-By Luke King

Intramural Indoor Soccer starts at Southeastern Louisiana University shortly after the team captain’s meeting on September 5th.  Indoor soccer at Southeastern is a faced paced game of soccer that takes place indoors on a basketball gym. All of the floor space is used and there are no outs. This picks up the pace of the game to a whole new level.

Teams from every group of student at Southeastern play, from fraternities, old high school teams, to teams made entirely of transfer students. Some teams play more seriously than others, but the atmosphere is generally one of friendly competition.

“It’s a great way for amateur soccer players to still have some competitive soccer in their lives. I used to play in high school, Since southeastern doesn’t have a soccer club this is the only way for students who enjoy the sport to play at Southeastern.” Joe Kovacs said. Joe Kovacs has been playing Intramural Indoor Soccer for four straight semesters so far.

The competition is fierce due to the shorter nature of the field. The scoring goes back and forth in a way that is more like basketball than traditional soccer. There are some strategies that use wall bounces that traditional soccer players must adjust to.

“The game is so much more fun that traditional soccer, its’ a must faster paced and you’ve got to be constantly thinking” said Robby Klein. Robby Klein plays with the “Caniac Maniacs” a team formed of players that have all worked at a local fast food restaurant.

Using the wall as a third player leads to some spectacular scores for some of the players involved. The walls add another factor for defenders trying to predict a tough offense. Often scores can take place within seconds of kickoff when the offensive team moves quickly enough.

There is often a small crowd that gathers to watch the play. Quite often the crowd becomes part of the game as they must stand in a corner of the actual court in order to observe. They often find themselves dodging wild passes when the game becomes heated.

Any Southeastern Students can play. Even if you don’t have a preformed team you can sign up as a free agent which will allow you to play on any team that needs you. The entry fee is only ten dollars per player. Team sizes are from ten to seven players. Interested students should show up to room 104 in the Pennington Student Activity Center on September fifteenth at seven p.m.

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