Informed students give predictions on elections

By Alexandra Hedrick and Rande Robinson

Nov. 2 is Election Day statewide and a few well-informed students at Southeastern have given their predictions and opinions on this year’s midterm elections.

The race for Senator between David Vitter and Charlie Melancon has turned ugly, with each candidate using airtime to bash the other, said Ann O’Connor, a graduate assistant in the Department of Languages & Communication. She also finds the constant telephone campaigning to be a nuisance.

O’Connor said although Vitter’s private life is a matter that needs to be settled between him and his wife, the fact he made the phone calls to his mistresses from the Senate floor is deplorable.

Hunter Carter, president of the Southeastern College Republicans, thinks Vitter will win the spot for Senator. The other day he saw a poll showed Vitter had 51 percent of the vote and he doesn’t think Melancon has enough time to recover from that. He also adds nothing is set in stone and polls are not actual votes and we will have to wait until Nov. 2 for the decision.

Carter said he thinks the Republicans will take back the House of Representatives but not the Senate. He said the Republicans are projected to have 230 members and only about 218 are needed to take control.

“The Democrats said they were going to provide change but it just hasn’t happened yet,” said Carter. “The American people are just fed up with it and they’re going to give the Republicans a chance to fix what President Obama has promised to fix and hasn’t delivered on yet.”

O’Connor said Louisiana, with the exception of New Orleans, is majority Republican and this will help the Republicans win the House.

“The campaigning by the GOP has been tremendous,” said O’Connor. “The demonizing of our president for the march to the White House amazes me.  It truly is a dog-eat-dog nation of professional politicians.”

Carter will also be keeping an eye on the Second Congressional District race between Joesph Cao and Cedric Richmond. According to Carter, the race is very close at this point. President Obama even campaigned for Richmond and backs him as the new Representative. Even though it is a tight race, Carter predicts Richmond will win the seat, but the rest of the Congressional Delegation, with the exception of Mary Landrieu, will be Republican.

Both students urge the public to do their homework before entering the polls.

Carter recommends going to the Secretary of State’s website to get information for voting day. The site can give you where to vote, voting times and even the things up for vote in your area. O’Connor said look at the left, right and moderate views and look into extreme claims made by candidates.

“Look around you,” said O’Connor. “What is the state of Louisiana today?  Who causes the problems/success?  What does Louisiana need to rise above the current level?  This is why we vote.  Our forefathers gave their lives for our freedoms.  If we don’t vote we are casting our freedom away.”

“Soldiers have spilled their blood to give people the right to vote,” said Carter. “So that’s why it is so important you go and take advantage of that and if you don’t vote, you don’t matter.”

Videos by Rande Robinson.

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