Ice Skating in the Heat

On Jan. 31 from 1-5 p.m. Southeastern Louisiana University students had the chance to go ice skating in the Louisiana heat.

The activity took place outside of the War Memorial Student Union and was free for all Southeastern students.  The event was held by the Campus Activities Board.

The “ice” was actually a hard plastic, but students used authentic ice skates.  “It’s more like plastic sliding than ice skating,” said Gabrielle Levet, a CAB student worker.

At first the students were afraid, but they eventually worked up the courage to get out onto the “ice”.  Although a little wobbly, some managed to stay upright and somewhat gracefully glide across the artificial ice rink.

Others however fell many times but continued to laugh it off, get up, and try again.  “I really loved it and I had a great time,” said Trista Kramer, a Southeastern student.


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