How to have the best Voodoo Fest experience possible


Metal Sign at Voodoo

City Park in New Orleans is hosting the annual Voodoo Music and Arts Experience in New Orleans this weekend. With the festival quickly approaching, and the culture surrounding festivals growing, new festival go-ers may be wondering what they need to do to have the best experience possible. Veteran festival attendees have their go to tips and tricks that they use to make the most of their weekends.

One of the most important elements of a festival is the schedule. With multiple stages hosting different bands at the same time, attendees strategically plan their days around the acts they want to see. “Always know the schedule,” said Emily Rogers, and Illinois resident planning on visiting New Orleans for the Voodoo Experience. “What bands are playing when on what stages, when you have time to look at merch or go to the bathroom or eat or find water. Get there early, before the bands you want to see come on, to make sure you know where the stages are and where you need to go so you don’t get lost. Also, remember that it’s important to plan for the weather.”

Many festival go-ers decide to camp for the weekend as part of their experience. Those who choose to camp carefully consider what they need to bring with them. Cameron Cox, a Baton Rouge resident and an avid festival attendee, said that knowing what to pack if you are camping is crucial. “I pack probably about an hour before I leave for a fest. I tend to overpack more than I need, but I make sure to have the essentials. A tent, blankets and other stuff for cold weather, toilet paper, bug spray, and a fold out chair. I also always bring cash for more food or anything I may want at the fest.”


Voodoo Credentials

Bands that play the festivals also have their own special sets of tips for a great experience. Anders LaSource is the drummer for the band Moonhoney. Moonhoney is a band that originated in Baton Rouge, and has since made their way to Los Angeles. LaSource has played many music festivals with Moonhoney and various other bands.

“If you’re doing the overnight thing, sleep is your friend. Not too much sleep, but you definitely want to make sure you’re energize yourself,” said LaSource. “Overall from a band members perspective, the best way to have fun and survive at a festival is to open yourself to new things and just have fun.”

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