How to become an excellent student? The Center For Student Excellence

In Oct.2015 the Center for Student Excellence was on the move. The center relocated to the new and improved Student Union Annex, formerly the bookstore.

As apart of the Center for Student Excellence the tutoring center and the freshman advising area has also moved and is apart of the campus phase three plan.. Compared to the old home of the center its new location is convenient for students to access as it is located  in the heart of campus.

Students may find it appealing to stop by and utilize the resources that the center has to offer being that  the “new” Center for Student Excellence has a sense of refreshment once you walk near, from the light color paint on the wall to the many windows that surround the building giving it a more up to date look. According to Mariah Smith a Freshman in The General Studies Department, “Since the Center for Student Excellence has relocated I have found it convenient to utilize the tutoring lab as it is a reminder as I pass by to go to my classes as opposed to walking way across campus “.

20151021_193100 (1)

Each department within the organization has a new and improved designated area as well. The advising offices for freshman are now more  spacious, the tutoring lab has its own area aside from the computers where tutors can have a more close and up personal interaction with students. The update was much needed, as it can be encouraging to current students as well as future students that the college is urging to become more efficient and accessible to all students with its constant improvements  and  to so shall you be with utilizing the resources made to you to become successful. According to Graduate Assistant Ben Vandewale, “the move was sudden as it was set for a later date  but took place sooner then planned, it was a very exciting time”. In addition to the Center For Student Excellence, the facility will also become a home to the Health Center and the Counseling Center.

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