How do you do Homecoming?

Homecoming has become a tradition. According to NYT, homecoming has dated back to the mid-19th century. Homecoming is used to celebrate the start of a university. The event brings in old alumni and parades before a football game.

Many students have different traditions when it comes to homecoming. Tristyn Osby-Jackson, a student at Southeastern Louisiana University, says that she walks around Friendship Circle with her friends every homecoming. “We walk around at least once to complete the circle,” she said.

Friendship Circle is in the center of the university’s campus. It features one of the oldest oak trees on campus.

Liya Williams, SLU student, says her favorite thing about homecoming is Gumbo Ya-ya. Gumbo Ya-ya is held during the week where students get the chance to enjoy gumbo as well as other activities.

Williams and Osby-Jackson have attended homecoming since their freshman year. They both enjoy tailgating. “It’s a great experience. You get to network. You get to communicate with people that’s had the same experiences that you have,” Osby-Jackson said.

Each year, the homecoming staff comes up with different themes. The theme for this homecoming was “Once Upon a Homecoming”. Roomie, SLU’s mascot was featured in different fairytales.

“This year was my favorite one because I love Disney,” Williams said.

Osby-Jackson said that her favorite theme was last year’s “Roomie Goes on a Roadtrip.” “It was my favorite one because I was in NAACP and we did the sheet design. We had the Lion King theme and it was really cool.” Different organizations get the chance to design a sheet every Homecoming and have it displayed.

On Wednesday, Southeastern’s homecoming was cancelled due to the disturbance in the tropics. Williams says she is disappointed about it being cancelled, but she understands why the university did so. “I just hope they make it up for next home game.”


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