HomeField Advantage: Pack The Berry

Strawberry Stadium is home to the Southeastern Louisiana Lions football team, and the Lions love to play at home. The Lions have only lost 1 game at home since the 2013 season. This easily makes it one of the more difficult places to play a college football game for opposing teams. The stadium has many different traditions that make it unique leading up to the game and also during the game. The stadium holds about 10,000 fans and fills up most of that on a Saturday night in the fall.

From the “Lion Walk” to the “Storm 30” events for a night at Strawberry Stadium, the school ensures that the fans get a unique experience whenever they visit the stadium. The “Lion Walk” occurs when the football players and coaches enter into the tailgate zone and mingle with the fans and former players 2 hours before the game begins. This is a way for the fans to be able to take pictures and wish the players luck personally and allow them to feel a sense of closeness towards the players they are about to root for. Quarterback Donovan Isom stated, “Just seeing all of the fans just gets me hyped up and seeing that gets me excited to do good in front of my peers.”

Another unique trait of Strawberry Stadium, is putting the student section and band directly behind the bench of the visiting team. The students have a chance to try their best and get in the heads of the visiting team by making as much noise behind their bench. “It’s easier to play knowing the fans are on your side, and you don’t have the distraction of the other team’s fans,” says Wide Receiver Trey Hallman. It could definitely make a difference as it probably is hard to go over your game plan for the next drive, or pay attention to what is going on in the game, when almost 2,000 students are screaming as loud as they possibly can right behind you.

Lastly, the swarm begins as the game approaches its kick-off. “Storm 30” allows for fans to enjoy the last of their tailgate, and swarm into the stadium and begin to increase the noise for the Lions to arrive. It creates a very hostile atmosphere for the visiting team, and definitely increases the excitement for the Lions as they arrive out of the tunnel. “Having home field advantage hypes me up and my team in general, because we know we’re playing in front of the people we see everyday and playing on the field we practice on everyday,” says senior Wide Receiver Isaiah Kepley. It is said home is where the heart is, so on Thursday October 1st, be in the house as the Lions take on Lamar University. You won’t want to miss it.

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