Homecoming Goes Greek


Southeastern University Greek Community

Every year in the month of October, Southeastern Louisiana University hosts their homecoming foot game. The week leading up to the big game is always filled with a plethora of events suitable for people off all ages to enjoy. A team of Student Government Association members work tirelessly to plan and promote a fun and safe week for the University. However, one of their main objectives for homecoming week is to involve different organizations on campus in the events that are held.

Greek Life continually chooses to participate in Homecoming every year, and they always bring a fresh outlook and positive spirit to the events they participate in. Greek life chapters on campus contribute a huge part to the success and promotion of the week’s events. Without their involvement, a lot of the student body would not have the knowledge or the push they need to get them involved. Chapters are paired with one or two of other chapters, and they are then responsible to participate as a team in the Homecoming events that are scheduled throughout this tiresome but extremely fun-filled week. Each team has the ability to earn points through their participation and spirit shown in the events that are put on throughout the week. Whoever earns the most points, is crowned the Homecoming champion for the year. Kelci Michelli, Panhellenic executive board member, said “This week is a great way to have everyone come together in a little friendly competition. Events like these make people want to participate and show everyone who they are as a chapter. It gives the chapters a chance to showcase their strong-suits and show Southeastern why they love the University, and even above that, why they love their individual chapters.” The participation in Homecoming week allows the Greek community to showcase who they are individually while coming together as one to continue on a lasting Southeastern traditions that the Hammond community and student body have grown to know and love.

An event, organizations look forward to every year, is minute to win it. The event takes place in Strawberry Stadium where tables are lined up for each team to participate in tedious games that challenge their skills. Each team has one minute to complete games such as catching a cookie in your mouth without your hands, keeping three balloons in the air for as long as possible, or unraveling ribbon as fast as their hands will allow. Each game has a first, second, and third place winner where points are rewarded in different increments, depending on which place the team finished in. Greek and other organizations come together in the stands to cheer on their teams to win points towards their overall Homecoming score. Maddy Kelly, a member of Catholic Student Association, said, “I love that the different organizations are able to come together and have clean fun. Minute to win it is always a great event to let loose and just enjoy the week, while also allowing organizations to show up and show out.”

Thursday night before the Homecoming game, Roar Rally takes place to pump up the big game, much like a pep rally. Southeastern’s spirit teams and band meet at Cook Field, outside of Southeastern’s Greek village, to perform for the participating members of the student body. A bonfire is then lit once the sun goes down, and students gather around the fire and enjoy the company. One of the main events of Roar Rally is the roar competition. Every Homecoming partner comes up with a clever chant and shouts it loud and proud whenever it is their turn. After the competition, food and drinks are provided to the students present and serves as a nice incentive. After shouting their spirit from the rooftops, or cook field, everyone begins to get ready for lip sync.

Lip sync is one of the main events hosted throughout the week besides the big game. Lip sync is an event held on the Thursday before the game where teams compete through a song and dance to earn points for their team. Adelle Allen, Assistant Homecoming chair for Theta Phi Alpha, said “A lot of hard work goes into Lip Sync. We practice almost every night for week, so we can perform for six minutes on the night of Lip Sync. It pays off in the end though because you end up forming friendships with people you always least expect.”

Traditionally, every Greek organization pairs with another Greek organization to tailgate for the home games, so during the homecoming game, the partnered homecoming pair has to tailgate together before the game. The Greek chapters will set up tents and seating in Friendship Circle to relax and kickoff the day’s festivities. Usually, the chapters will supply music and food to make the tailgate more entertaining. Later in the day, the Homecoming parade kicks off in downtown Hammond and travels to Friendship Circle to celebrate the game one last time before it starts. Greek life organizations supply a float with decorations, throws, and music to contribute to the Homecoming parade. The parade is a family oriented event where Greek life has the opportunity to put their best foot forward in front of Southeastern’s visitors.

With the negative air that swirls around Greek life, it is important to focus in on the positives of being a Greek member on campus. Greek life is a complex system with each organization having their own set of rules, rituals, and philanthropies. However, events such as Homecoming week helps to unite Greek organizations under one common goal, and the homecoming committee makes sure that they have fun while doing it. Homecoming is an event Greek life looks forward to every year.


If Greek life continues the traditions set forth by Homecoming week, they will have opportunities to foster a strong organizational community within Southeastern’s campus. Southeastern’s homecoming week will always be a lasting tradition among students, alumnae, friends and family. With the help of Greek life, this tradition only has the power to grow and continue serving its purpose of celebrating Southeastern’s Homecoming game.

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