Homecoming Festivities

A win for the Southeastern Louisiana University football team on Saturday, October 7th, would mean the second straight year in a row that they won on their homecoming. It would also be the icing on the cake for the homecoming week that took place at the university. Events kicked off on the 1st and last through the 7th.

The theme for this year’s homecoming is “Once Upon a Homecoming.” It was kicked off on the 2nd with the Homecoming Kick-Off in which snowballs, music, and shirts were offered to students. Also, the Landmark Hunt and Black Family Reunion were held. Tuesday consisted of a Build It event that allowed students to build something out of food items and a quiz bowl. The day ended with a movie night which featured The Lion King. Wednesday featured Gumbo Yaya in the Student Union Park. This event held games and students could enjoy food. Daryl Julien thinks that this event is fun for the students who are able to attend.

“This is definitely a fun event for us students, especially with the machine that gave you a drink if you hugged it,” Julien explained. “The only complaint I have for the event is just the timing of it. The event is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and having to go to class makes it hard for some students to be able to attend. By the time I was able to get to it, there was only 15 minutes left and barely anything was left. I just wished they would maybe push the event back some.”

The bonfire on Thursday was nicely populated, with tons of students that made their way to North Campus. The night ended with a lip-syncing contest at the University Center. On Friday, there was workouts available at the Pennington Center and a couple events for alumni. That night, a surprise event occurred in University Center—a presentation by the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Homecoming will conclude on Saturday with the football game at 10 a.m. During halftime, the king and queen will be crowned.

Southeastern may be doing something right this semester, because Jae Cavalier, a senior at the University of Southern Mississippi, has even heard through the grapevine about excitement brewing for homecoming at the fourth biggest university in Louisiana, as reported by collegestats.org.

Cavalier, although very familiar with the university, felt that the environment was never exciting enough to his standards to want to make a trip out to Southeastern.

“I love traveling and trying new things, so going to other universities’ homecomings is something that I am always up for,” he stated. “In the past, I never really heard anything about Southeastern’s events and that is crazy because I know many people that go there.”

That all changed for him this semester after hearing about all of the things that were lined up for homecoming. He had his plans made to come down Friday, until he received some disappointing news from his friend at Southeastern with whom he had planned to stay with.

Unfortunately, those who were looking forward to tailgating before the football game on Saturday will have to wait an additional two weeks until 28th. Southeastern.edu recently announced that all events that were scheduled for Saturday have been postponed for two weeks and the football game has been moved up from 4 p.m. to 10 a.m. on Saturday. This is all a precaution for the approaching Tropical Storm Nate. Resident students were also encouraged to go home if possible. The traditional homecoming parade and tailgate festivities will resume on the 28th when Southeastern takes on Sam Houston at Strawberry Stadium.

One search of “#SELU” on Twitter and the disappointment that this announcement caused was evident. Many students were upset at both of the decisions by made the universities—the game being moved up and the tailgate being cancelled. Student Jadian Daniels, was not happy to hear about the decision, although she was understanding of why the university made it.

Daniels, who is a senior in the communication program, was looking forward to the event especially since she was able to actually attend something put on by Southeastern. Why? This semester she decided to take a challenging 18-hour course-load. With additional responsibilities on top of that, she maintains a weekend job. She explained that in order for her to call off from work, she has to get one of her co-workers to take her shift. This has turned into a process by which employees pay other employees to cover for them and sometimes, this may lead up to having to pay a co-worker $100 for a shift.

“It is really hard to try be free from work on the weekends,” she said. “Plus, my bills do not pay themselves, so that is something I have to think about before I just start trying to get people to cover my shifts because I want to have fun.”

She looked forward to the tailgate for the Kappas. Her father is a Kappa who attended Southeastern. He is still very active with those pledging to this fraternity. At this tailgate, it is an opportunity for the current line of Nu Omega Nupes to interact with the older Nupes that attended the university. It has become a tradition, so each year for homecoming this section is alive with music, food, and drinks to create a welcoming environment for all of the Kappas.

Daniels still has not had the opportunity to attend a Southeastern football game and she felt that this homecoming game would have been the perfect opportunity, especially since this is her senior year. She hoped that all of the people that planned on tailgating Saturday will tailgate on the rescheduled date, as the Kappas plan to.

“It is unfortunate that we have this weather, but I would rather people be safe than sorry,” she said understandingly. “There will be many more opportunities for fun. I just hope that people take the warnings about the weather seriously and prepare accordingly.”

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