Homecoming 2010

This past week, the Student Government Association held elections to determine Homecoming king and queen for Fall 2010.

Homecoming will be held October 23, when the Lions play their rival, McNesse State Cowboys.The results for the Homecoming court will be announced on this day as well.

The elections contained sixteen young men and 24 young women who campaigned for the opportunity to represent Southeastern as king or queen.

The elections were held from Monday, September 27 until September 29.

According to William Takewell, SGA election Board chairman, states that this election had the most in SGA history. “We actually broke all records,” said Takewell.

The candidates were:

Jerel Butler-Senior, Hunter Carter-Junior, Brett Farlow-Junior, Luke Holloway-Senior, Adam Kendrick-Junior, Kent Landacre-Sophomore, Jared Magee-Junior, Chris McKinley-Junior, Joshua Price-Junior, Justin Roberson-Senior, Christopher Robinson-Senior, Matt Taylor-Senior, Le’Traven Thigpen-Senior, Casey Thomas-Junior, Marc Vedros-Senior, Cory Young-Senior, Nekeia Archangel-Senior, Marissa Burt-Junior, Stacey Cannizaro-Freshman, Nicole Couper-Junior, Rae Delaughter-Senior Marci Gaines-Freshman,Keturah Green-Junior, Meghan Hein-Senior, Emily Hutchinson-Sophomore, Mary-Kathryn Johnsen-Senior, Olivia Landry-Senior, DeAnn Lemus-Senior, Lorri Lucas– Freshman, Brianne Markham-Senior, Tradaisha Poole-Freshman, Ranessa Potier-Junior, Jessica Poumaroux-Junior, Jenee Ratelle-Senior, Amanda Rivault-Sophomore, Maggie Rownd-Junior, Jordan Stauffer-Senior, Charika Tolliver-Senior, Ashley Wheeler-Junior, Christen Abels-Junior.

The Southeastern 2009 Homecoming Queen and King are crowned during a half-time ceremony Saturday. Marjorie Parker, a senior organizational communication major from New Orleans, was crowned Homecoming Queen and Anthony “A.J.” Calderone, a senior industrial technology major from Kentwood, was crowned Homecoming King.

Takewell said, “There was about 27% of the voting in this election by Southeastern students, faculty and staff .

“This was a guinea pig election test of new rules and regulations involved in the voting system,” said Takewell.

Many students who either were not able to vote or just did not vote really had a lot to say about the elections.

In the future, SGA is hoping to hold a forum to enhance more student participation in these elections.

Brandi Maten, a Communication major said, “I was unable to vote due to not having enough time, and not knowing about it”.

LaShelle Hamilton, a student at Southeastern, said “that I liked when they campaigned in the Union for the free stuff and when they were in the union campaigning and letting the students know who they were like previous homecoming years.

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