Holiday grams

S.O.A.R.- Student Outreach and Advocacy Representatives are at it again by spreading Christmas cheer through the stomachs of all Southeastern’s students. S.O.A.R. handmade holiday grams filled with a little bit of candy, a little bit of pastry’s and a lot of holiday spirit sealed with a note of gratitude from one person to another. The grams are intended to express holiday spirit throughout campus.


S.O.A.R.’s holiday gram to spread the holiday spirit.

Until the end of finals week S.O.A.R. is selling holiday grams for $1.50. “The whole purpose is to give everyone a chance no matter what their circumstance is to have some type of gift for the holidays, it may not be much but it is from the heart,” said S.O.A.R. member Josten Milan. Milan explained how a young man approached the S.O.A.R. table expressing how he never received anything like a holiday gram before, so S.O.A.R. purchased one just for him with a note reading, “We hope the little things give you the biggest smile.”

“Christmas is a time for joyful giving so seeing what S.O.A.R. is doing really makes me happy,” said Southeastern student Sandy Lee. Students all across campus are stopping between classes to buy a holiday gram. “I do not know if it is the food or the thought but I love this idea,” said Southeastern student Vy Tran. The holiday grams can be purchased at the S.O.A.R. table in War Memorial Student Union during school hours of operation.

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