HIPS prepares for first tour with professor

On January 25th, The History and Political Science Society (HIPS) is inviting students to walk the streets of New Orleans for a cultural experience like no other.

The organization was popular in the 90s and was reestablished by students this past summer with new by laws and members.  It is was marked as the first organization to represent the History and Political Science department in years.

The unnamed professor works at Southeastern Louisiana University and teaches American History and Louisiana History on campus. He was not only raised in New Orleans but has studied New Orleans culture for years.  He once was a member of HIPS and has reached out to the organization in hopes of giving a tour of the cultured city.

HIPS Society Recruitment Chair, Zachary Rogers had this to say about the program, “New Orleans has so much history that most of the people living in this area do not know about. It is one of the most historical cities in the United States with a  very unique combination of cultures from French, Cajun, British, African American, and many more,” said Rogers.

The trip will be open to all students with a love for culture and history and not only study culture but also architecture styles, music, and food.

“New Orleans culture is known to come from a French and Cajun heritage but there is moe than just that. It has a wide mix of African American music, some Zydeco. Even it’s architecture is a combination of all culture from Spanish, British. and French,” said Rogers. 

HIPS stands to promote, foster and encourage the search for knowledge of our past cultures. They believe this trip will be the perfect representation of their motto for students to be involved in.

“It’s our people, our history, and the past of the way of life. This gives students a chance to be in deep conversations about the history, culture, food, and way of life that is New Orleans,” said Roger.

For more information go to the HIPS Society website at SELU HIPS or contact the History or Political Science department.

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