Higher Demand For Special Education in the Teaching Field


“Southeastern students that acquire a special education major have a better chance of receiving a job after graduating,” said Dr. Melanie Lemoine, a Southeastern Louisiana University special education instructor.

Dr. Lemoine conducted a workshop to promote the benefits of a major in special education, and why education students should consider it. The workshop occurred in the Cate Teacher Education Center in room 239, at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 22.

The workshop was offered to students who are education majors interested in learning more about the programs in a SPED major and how to achieve the certification.  The majority of the audience was general education majors interested in a dual certification with special education.  At Southeastern’s college of education, the required programs for SPED include: enrolling in SPED methods, general education methods, senior methods, participating in boot camp, and student teaching in a SPED classroom.




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