High and Mighty makes bold and exciting return to Southeastern


[Hammond, LA] – Southeastern  Louisiana University is presenting in over 30 years the broadway musical, High and Mighty, on November 17-21. It will be a creative turning point with all new music, scenery, dance and songs.

High and Mighty was written by playwrighter Donna Gay Anderson who’s play will be presented at the Vonnie Borden theatre that is named after her mother. The play is set in the 1980s in New York in a Catholic church.  It will be based around a love triangle between a church intern and two young church members. It will offer aspects of good vs. evil and realism vs. subconciousness.

“I find this play very unique because the playwright for each character has a subconciousness that is actually another actor that no other character can see. We will see their alter ego come to life as they say what their character really wishes to say.  It goes to show we don’t not always say what we think or intentionally mean,” said play director Jim Winters.

This play is also one of the first to fully involve every Fine Arts department on Southeastern’s campus. These departments include music, the arts, dance and theatre. It will also include the guidance and influence of faculty, students, and alumni.

“The play has been in development for two years. I have watched and directed it while it has been perfected by actors and choreographers since May of this year. It has been a long but very rewarding process,” said Winters.

The Fine arts department collaborated in transforming the stage into an all new moving scenery from one location to another while also using new lighting and smoke effects. The show will also present music ranging from broadway style to hard rock while including choreography created and written by Southeastern students.

“This is the World Premiere of something we hope can go viral. It is an honor to work with someone whose family has been a piece of Southeastern for years,” said Winters.

The Fine Arts department looks forward to a new style of performance and hopes to not only collaborate with the departments again but also all future students, alumni, and faculty. This broadway performance can be an influence in Southeastern Louisiana University’s history.

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