Feb. 29
Beacon Light Baptist Church held a meeting on Feb. 29 at 5p.m concerning the youth of the city and educating young women. Knowing that drugs are encouraged all around the world it is also encouraged in this very city. This meeting was not only to reach the parents but mostly the younger generation. Pastor Hebert said “we as a community need to do the responsible thing and keep our kids focusing on the positive things.”
For next week the church will be taking Jabaz Generation on a constructive trip to the movies then to have pizza to let them know you can still have fun n the world and not be of the world. Jabaz Generation is here to uplift the kingdom of God, and tear down the kingdom of darkness. Once this is a success the church will plan more events to obtain assurance of safety, this particular program is open to ages 8-18.
The next ages are 19-30 with Victoria daughters with vision young women how to be lady’s held at the church on Friday nights from 7 to 9 starting Mar. 9. Lady Hebert “Our vision is to empower women of God to grow spiritually, economically, socially, and morally.
Please visit our ministry calendar for upcoming events. “We will educate women though workshops and seminars that focuses on health and wealth.
Pastor Herbert is asking members of the church as well as the community to come out and tutor to prepare for the leap testing for Jabaz Generation. If who is for us then who can be against us, praying all students will pass with no fear. This will also benefit in the long run preparing for college and other job interviews. “Why wait until high school to prepare the wonderful minds?”

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