Hardworking theatre students shine in honor society


For Southeastern Louisiana University’s theatre elite, the end-goal could be a membership in the on-campus theatrical society Alpha Epsilon Psi.

In 2007, Southeastern’s theatre department decided to start a new chapter of Alpha Epsilon Psi, one of the largest and most prestigious honor societies in the nation.

Current members gather after a rehearsal for their new play, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot.

Alpha Epsilon Psi was initially established in 1925, where it started with a handful of students at Fairmont State College in West Virginia. It has since grown to over 600 chapters nationwide. Southeastern’s chapter is in Region 5, which houses other states like Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Southeastern’s chapter has grown steadily since its inception, with membership doubling from 2007-2009, and holding steadily ever since. The club is exclusive to theatre majors, unlike other clubs on campus that are open to people outside of the major that may just have interest in the subject.

Member Bruce W. Javery said one of his favorite aspects of the club was the amount of work it took before you were allowed in.

“They don’t just let you in, its more something you work towards,” said Javery. “Once you get in, you feel like it’s definitely something you’ve earned.”

Prospective members must have a 2.5 GPA and meet a long standing list of criteria, a listed critique from several pre-determined categories, including performance, production and directing, among others. Those trying to join must also score a 75 or above on their entry test to meet qualifications.

The pay-off for the work seems to be worth it for Erin Reid, who sees the society as something all theatre majors should aspire to join.

“It’s a great place to socialize with others that you may only see in class,” said Reid. “It has made college so much more enjoyable for me since I became (a) member.”

The organization is not currently accepting new members, but prospective members are welcome to attend the meetings and get a feel for the club, according to Reid.

Currently, the organization is looking for volunteers to be ushers for the theatre department’s upcoming production of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, which will run between April 4-7 in the Vonnie Borden Theatre at Southeastern.

For more information on joining the society, visit the Alpha Psi Omega-Southeastern page on Facebook.


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