Hammond Square expands community

The Hammond Square expansion brought new shops, restaurants and job opportunities to the surrounding community.

Expansion Benefits

Hammond Square mall will gain new stores that include Homegoods, Petsmart, Michael’s Arts and Crafts, Five Below and three new unnamed restaurants explained Grady Brame executive vice president of Stirling Properties.

“Previously, our local shoppers had to go to Covington, New Orleans or Baton Rouge to shop at these stores,” said Brame. “Now people can shop locally. Plus these are all new uses that Hammond Square doesn’t currently offer.”

Hammond Square’s new development is a part of the city of Hammond’s growth.

“All of the new added stores like Old Navy, Poke City, and the new ones that are coming up it has helped Hammond tremendously and does make a big impact on the experience our locals and visitors have and gives them more things to do,” said Dana Crosby, Tangipahoa Tourism Visitor Center supervisor. “We are growing so much and we have a lot of visitors that come in on business travel and sports for the university. While they are staying here, they’re spending money in those stores, and it just makes a huge impact to benefit our community.”

The construction on The Hammond Square Mall brings new opportunities to the community. Photograph by Jennifer Dettwiller.

Stirling Properties has been preparing for the Hammond Square expansion for a year through different stages with the existing stores.

“We had to negotiate agreements with Target, JCPenny’s and Dillards to be able to tear down Sears and modify the shopping center,” said Brame. “We had to modify the access the traffic flow and parking.”

Dillards, Target, JCPenny’s and all retailers at Hammond Square supported the renovation, knowing it would be inconvenient to them, explained Brame.

Construction and new store tenant setups are projected to be finished by the second quarter of 2020. 

Opportunities for Students

The culmination of the new stores and restaurants provides an abundance of jobs for Southeastern students and locals. 

Lindsey Palmer, director of Property Services for Stirling Properties explained how the stores will become useful for students.

“The new tenants will be an integral addition to the community, likely supporting a multitude of Southeastern students and graduates,” said Palmer. “As the time draws near, we presume these tenants will host onsite job fairs and interviews.”

An article from “The Condition of Education 2019,” discussed that in the past 25 years, more than 70 percent of full-time college students take time off from their studies to earn a paycheck. Though today having a full-time job while being a college student does not equate to enough money for the cost of school-based items or living expenses explained the article.

The job offers that follow the expansion will contain all levels of the restaurant and retail business. Job types may include positions such as servers, hosts, cooks and cashiers. There will be around 200 to 300 jobs available upon the new stores’ completion. 

“The new jobs at the Hammond Square mall will be a huge benefit for the Southeastern community,” said Daniel Cuevas, graduate assistant from the Southeastern Louisiana University Career Services department. “Our office always has students and alumni looking for part-time and full-time job opportunities in the area.”


Hammond Square is located at 411 Palace Drive in Hammond, which is three miles from Southeastern’s campus. Palmer said although more buildings and stores are coming to Hammond Square, an adequate amount of parking will still be available and the amount of traffic should not be impacted around the Hammond Square area. For more information on the Hammond Square visit, https://www.hammondsquare.com/ or connect and follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram at #HAMMONDSQUARE.

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