Hammond City Council discussed increasing council members terms

A committee of members appointed by the Hammond City Council constituents issued an ordinance requesting the council member’s terms increase from two to three. The current full term of a city council member is four years, which means the terms would be extended to 12 years.

The ordinance would amend The City of Hammond Rule Charter, Article II, Section 2-01, Subsection B, Paragraph 1 stating the term limits of council members. The council members chose not to be involved with the process of reviewing the charter which lasted from eight to nine months.

Lemar Marshall of District Four, said, “What we’re doing is we’re going to allow the citizens to vote whether or not the city council should go from two terms to three terms. One of the points I was making is the whole goal is to have the mayor’s term to match the city council terms.”

One of the committee members, T. Jay Seale III, approached the council during open session, expressing how he believed a third term would not be a bad idea. “Much of the first term is absorbing what it is to learn,”Seale said.

The council members gave a positive reaction to the ordinance but it created discussions of new topics. The request for an equal amount of terms for the mayor and council members was considered a decision for the citizens of Hammond.

Mike Williams District Five councilman and City Council President said,”It’s still up to the voters because you can serve up to one term to two terms.”

The next city Hammond City Council meet is May 1 at 5:30 p.m.

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