Hammond Branch Public Library prepares for the annual Summer Reading Program

The outside of the Tangipahoa Hammond Branch Library located in downtown Hammond.

The outside of the Tangipahoa Hammond Branch Library located in downtown Hammond.

[HAMMOND]- Beakers, thermometer’s and Albert Einstein hair is what will be covering the walls of Tangipahoa’s Hammond Branch Public Library beginning in April and lasting through the month of July.

The summer reading program will begin soon and will cater to everyone. Patrons young and old will be able to enjoy programs the Tangipahoa librarians put together including storytime, book clubs and crafts. Storytime, Adventure Club, Baby & Me, Bookmarks and Book Talk are just some of the programs offered at the Tangipahoa Hammond Branch Public Library. One of the most extensive programs that occurs annually at the library is the summer reading program.

“We are incredibly excited to provide services to patrons, like the summer reading program, that will have them thrilled to return to the library,” said Hammond branch manager, Misty Noble-Hodge.

This summer reading program is entitled Fizz, Boom, Read and will be all about science. The programs will cater to the theme of science and storytime will take prevalence over all of the other programs the library offers. The walls will be decorated to look like a laboratory and children will be able to make goggles and Albert Einstein hair and take part in songs and experiments to learn about what makes gears work and what happens when baking soda and vinegar mix.

“While we do cater to the younger patrons, teens and adults will be able to take part in our programs throughout the year with Pageturners and Book Talk,” said Tangipahoa Parish Library Director Barry Bradford.

The summer reading program begins at the beginning of June and will commence with an award ceremony for completing the summer reading program in July.

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