Group X Yoga at the Pennington Student Activity Center

Whether looking to rehabilitate an injury, improve your well-being, or simply try something new, yoga is a trending wellness practice that may be beneficial to college students living a fast-paced, high stress lifestyle.

The Pennington Student Activity Center offers a wide variety of recreational activities and wellness programs for Southeastern Louisiana University students to engage in. Group X, one of the wellness programs offered by the Rec, includes group yoga classes led by certified instructors.

GroupX Yoga Promo

Students looking to reap the potential benefits of yoga should not look any further. Group X yoga class is the most inclusive and beginner friendly option available.

“It’s about being comfortable in class; we’re all working to better ourselves together,” said freshman nursing major Kayla Smith. Employed by the Rec, Smith is a certified fitness instructor who teaches yoga and other Group X classes. “I like the idea of having a really inclusive yoga class where everyone feels comfortable working on their strengths and weaknesses,” added Smith, who strives to create an accepting and non-intimidating atmosphere in her yoga classes.

“I love Kayla’s yoga class because it relieves stress from the body and clears the mind,” said Fred Minor, a senior graduate student studying psychology and regular Group X yoga class attendee. “I try to make it every Monday and Wednesday.”

“The classes usually remain small in size, at around one dozen participants per class,” Smith noted. Participants range from students, Southeastern faculty and staff, and members of the local community, but the classes maintain a friendly and inclusive environment for all to enjoy.

The schedule for all Group X activities including Kayla Smith’s yoga class may be found here.



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