Greystone Meet and Greets

Greystone Meet and Greets Denham Springs:  October not only brings such festivities as football, hunting, and Halloween, but also statewide elections. Every four years Louisianans vote on statewide officials, such as lieutenant governor, parish presidents, sheriffs and like this year governor. Statewide on Saturday, October 22nd citizens will vote for their city, parish and even state leaders. All over the state since late summer, politicians in the running have been holding various rallies, appearances, golf tournaments and meet and greet’s to gain support.
Much of the Livingston Parish campaigning has taken place at Greystone Golf and Country Club in Denham springs. This has included various meet and greets for parish president Mike Grimmer, tax assessor Jeff Taylor and state senator Dale Erdy. Meet and greets are used to let the general public hear what a certain candidate has in mind for their office while enjoying food, drinks and fellowship. Greystone hosted not only meet and greets for numerous candidates but also hosted fundraising golf tournaments.
As a prominent, growing business in Livingston Parish, Greystone is very active in the community as a member of the Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce. Liz Avery, who handles the meet and greets at Greystone said, “All of the political functions here have been a success, not only for the politician but the community and Greystone as well.” Liz has booked over 20 meet and greets for candidates at Greystone and even a celebration party for a certain candidate months in advance of the elections. “Based on the number of people that show up to each and every event, you can tell who the frontrunner is for each position up for grabs,” Liz recalls. Mike Scurria, Director of Golf, exclaimed, “These events such as the golf tournaments for prospective candidates have been a blessing for their campaigns.” Scheduling benefit tournaments for each campaign helps raise money for the politicians and their ad campaigns across the parish. The tournaments also give free advertisement to the beneficiary and a look at the candidates for the voters. Tax Assessor Jeff Taylor is a mainstay at Greystone club events and has a large number of followers at the club. This is his reasoning for using Greystone as a site for his golf tournament. “As a member of Greystone I know how my guests will be treated, and that brings more people out each and every time,” Taylor commented. Hospitality and excellence is not only what politicians preach but also Greystone, “I personally work all the parties and I make sure the candidate has a friendly environment with great service so people will come back again,” Liz explains. Greystone does not back a specific candidate but it gives the community a chance to meet their local politicians before Election Day.

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