Graduate student takes Manchac Review by the horns

New York published author and graduate student, Sam Rein, changed the game of the Manchac Review from competitional to conversational. Since 1960, the Manchac Review is a publication where students of the community had the opportunity showcase their best work. It is one of Southeastern Louisiana university’s creative journals that features poetry, stories, photography, and other arts forms created by students.


Sam Rein, chief editor of the Manchac Review is a graduate student for the writing center and is earning her degree in English creative writing.


“Being a writer myself, I understand how hard it is to put your work out there. So I always make sure to encourage new writers and try to inspire them in some way,” said Rein. “I didn’t want competitions but rather students to become inspired to write.”


Rein has not only wanted to inspire students but has also changed the way the paper is viewed.


Kim Calhoun, graduate student and past Manchac editor, said, “Over the year I have seen Sam fight to make the Manchac become more than just a paper. Even the events she has planned has encouraged students to more openly rather than behind closed doors. Sam is an extraordinary writer who has this vision to motivate others to want to write. She respects the fear and interests of those who want to be a part of the creativeness.”


Rein had also had a hand in the Manchac Live night where students were encouraged to come and speak on pieces they have written. They were all to be encouraged from the common read of the semester by Tracy Smith.


Graduate student with a concentration in technical writing, Breanna Poche, said, “As the assistant Director, I have had that opportunity to watch Sam create such a positive and encouraging vibe for people at this event who were interested in the Manchac. It was cool to see this set area that only inspired more to be inspired too.”


Sam encourages students in the community to continue to write and be proud of their work. Any students wishing to publish their work can submit online to the Manchac Review or at Southeastern’s writing center.

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